Sunday, August 5, 2007

Converting videos to watch in mobiles

I tried several video converters to get my movies/videos into Motorola A1000 and Nokia E50 / N95. Here are the video settings that worked on a few of them:

3Gpp converter
is the best converter that i could find. It uses ffmpeg and other open source utilities under the hood. The original website of the producer is in Japan ( and the default languague for the utility is Japonese (that can be easily changed in the main application window to english).

General: 3GPP+AAC General Setting with XviD encoder (this is set up with the 'setup' utility)
Setting: QVGA High Quality 15fps Stereo - produces video 320x240
Setting: QCIF High Quality 15fps Stereo - produces video 176X144 (works on A1000, E50 and N95)


Codec: Xvid
Bitrate: 224kbps
Screen size: 320x208
Sound: 22050hz, 40kbps, mono
Format: AVI

Cristal 2 mobile:
Codec: MP4V
Screen size: 320x208 / 18fps
Sound: MPGA 32000hz, 56kbps, mono
Format: AVI

Multimedia Studio
Codec: H263
Screen size: 176x144 / 12fps
Sound: MP4A 32000hz, 256kbps, stereo
Format: 3gpp or mp4

And while you are at it, have a look at this list of free converters that I just found. I haven't tried most of them thought, I'm pretty happy with 3gppConverter for now. :-)

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